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Дълбоко разочарование от блокирането на резолюцията по Сирия в Съвета за сигурност на ООН

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I am deeply disappointed that agreement at the UN Security Council was blocked on the draft resolution condemning violence in Syria.

History will be unforgiving to all who support dictators and stand idle as hundreds of people are being killed for the simple reason of daring to demand basic human rights, freedom and dignity

We call on all members of the UN Secuirty Council to bear their responsibility and stop tolerating the bloody repressions of the syrian authorities. The regime in Damascus bears all responsibility for the criminal use of heavy weaponry and armed forces against civilians. Those responsible for the atrocities should stand before an international court. President Bashar al Assad has lost all legitimacy both domestically and internationally. He has no other option but to immediately step down, stop the violence and pave the way to necessary reforms.

We call on the Syrian government to implement the Arab League plan without delay. It provides a credible roadmap towards ending violence and a peaceful transition to democracy. This transition would be possible only through comprehensive political dialogue and without fear of repression.

Bulgaria Supports Speedy Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution on Syria

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 1718

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Bulgaria is appalled by the continuing violence in Syria. We support the draft Security Council Resolution, presented by Morocco because it outlines a peaceful transition process that is the only way to stop the killings of civilians in Syria. Therefore, we call on all UNSC members to support the Resolution.

The humanitarian situation in Syria continues to deteriorate and urgent action is needed to alleviate the crisis and suffering.

I want to particularly recognize the active role of the Arab League and express our strong support for its plan. Their work is a key element of the international efforts to stop the violence and ensure a peaceful future for the Syrian people.

We confirm our continuous support for the efforts of the Syrian National Council and the whole Syrian opposition towards dialogue and unification. We encourage them to set a comprehensive programme for a swift and peaceful transition to a democracy, providing equal rights and protection to all Syrian citizens.