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In Its First Year the Palestinian Government of National Consensus has Worked Hard in Difficult Conditions @UNSCO_MEPP

One year after Palestinian President Abbas announced the formation of the Government of National Consensus (GNC), I wish to pay tribute to Prime Minister Hamdallah and all ministers for their steadfast efforts in governing, including in maintaining law and order. Despite the occupation and challenges to national unity, the GNC has been able to overcome many obstacles. These include the four-month withholding of Palestinian tax revenues and the insufficient disbursement of donor contributions which has resulted in a contraction of the Palestinian economy.

While much remains to be done, the GNC is working to address several key areas of reform. I welcome the determination of the Prime Minister to find a solution to the outstanding issue of public sector employees in Gaza. His commitment that no one will be left behind is an important assurance. I encourage all parties to support this effort. Genuine Palestinian reconciliation and unity are critical for improving the situation in Gaza, advancing reconstruction, and for addressing the wider political question of a two-state solution.

The United Nations encourages the GNC to strengthen its efforts on taking up its rightful responsibility and addressing the serious political, security, humanitarian and economic challenges in Gaza. A comprehensive reconciliation must include the GNC’s resumption of control over the crossings to Israel and Egypt, and the holding of long overdue elections. While first and foremost it is up to the Palestinian authorities to take the lead, the UN stands ready to support the President, the Government and all factions in their efforts to reunite the West Bank and Gaza, in line with the intra-Palestinian unity agreement of 23 April 2014. Palestine is one and the United Nations will work determinedly to advance unity through its legitimate institutions.

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