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New Socialist Government Wants to Restart Controversial, Outdated and Expensive Belene Nuclear Project

Socialist leader Stanishev and PM Oresharski form unstable government with the support of xenophobic and nationalist Ataka

Socialist leader Stanishev and PM Oresharski form unstable government with the support of ultra-nationalist party Ataka

In February the Bulgarian Parliament voted by a crushing majority of 114 to 40 to cancel the controversial project to build a second nuclear power station at Belene with Russian technology. This decision should have been taken years ago. The project is outdated and expensive and this has been proven over and over again. It has already cost too much financially and politically to the Bulgarian tax payer. There is much speculation that over the last 30 years it has generated corruption, mismanagement and dependencies.

In March last year the Government put and to the project. This was endorsed by Parliament, but the opposition challenged it in a failed referendum. Those who argued that the Borisov government and the GERB centre-right majority in Parliament would not end this project were once again proven wrong today.

Bulgaria needs to invest in innovation, SMEs that create jobs and support a middle class. The country needs a modern energy infrastructure that is up to the highest standards of safety and is integrated into the European grid. Last but not least it needs to break away from the shackles of energy dependence, diversify and invest in energy efficiency.

Soon after this decision the Socialist opposition, in collaboration with those who had benefitted from the corruption that Belene had fed for decades, brought down the Government and early elections were called. Yesterday they formed a weak and unstable government that relies on the support of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and a xenophobic and ultra-nationalist party called Ataka. In its first statement the new government declared is that it wants to restart the Belene project… During the election much was said about growth, jobs and prosperity. Today the truth however has emerged. The Bulgarian Socialist Party has no idea how to move the country forward, its leadership is interested only in Belene. One ought to ask why? The answer is not that complicated. For more than three decades Belene has bled the Bulgarian treasury and economy. Billions were spent on a project that is outdated and defunct. Many of those who whisper in their ears made money out of this project. But there is another reason. Ultra-nationalist Ataka openly declared that they want the project restarted. Today PM Oresharski is paying the price for that one vote that got his government elected. Welcome to the coalition politics. When you sell your soul to the devil, he will come to collect it.

The people of Bulgaria will quickly see through this plot and should not allow it to materialise. My country has the potential to be a hub of innovation and growth in a region of economic turmoil. Why? Because its finances are stable, its credit ratings increased through the crisis, and the Bulgarian people are prone to innovation and enterprise. However that can happen only if they are left to their own devices. That should be the main priority of any government, no matter what side of the political spectre it comes from.

This post is based on an earlier entry, which I wrote when Parliament voted to end the controversial project.

  1. Христо Воденов
    30/05/2013 at 11:51

    както се казва – “да бе мирно седяло, не би чудо видяло”. Сами докарахте комунистите на власт след като ГЕРБ се изпокара с всички читави хора в страната

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