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It has been five years since the horrific attack on September 11th 2001.

Many people died horrible deaths, many lost friends and relatives, and many came close to losing their loved ones. It was a tragedy that will not be forgotten easily. Should not be forgotten easily. There are days in humanity’s history that are decisive for whole generations. My generation is ‘fortunate’ to already have two such dates – Nov 9th 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Sept 11th 2001.Today, five years later, as memories get blurred and life moves on we often forget what actually happened on that day. We all say that the world changed, but do we really understand how it changed. One hears voices out there that begin to question things. Did we – America, Europe, the West – not bring this onto oursleves? Who and what failed in that fatal day? Can we fight the war on terror successfully? Some even begin to question that there are forces out there bent on destroying our democratic way of life, who want to mould our societies to their twisted visions of extremist oppression. And coming from a country which has effectively regained its independence 16 years ago and has struggled for more than a decade to establish a functioning democratic system I am very sensitive to such questioning. To question is healthy. In fact to be able to question and criticise – freely and openly – these are two of the pillars of our freedom. Two pillars that came under attack five years ago.We should not forget the hope that the fall of the Berlin Wall brought to millions of people around the world, as we should never forget the realision that 9/11 brought – namely, that we must protect and advance the G-d given freedom that we have and that millions in the world still strive for.

Let us today pay tribute to those who died on Sept 11th, but let us also pay tribute to the nameless victims of terrorism and hatered around the world.

“…and it might well happen to most of us dainty people that we were in the thick of the battle of Armageddon without being waware of anything more than the annoyance of a little explosive smoke and struggle on the ground immediately about us.” George Elliot – Daniel Deronda

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